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Confronting his British and Jamaican heritage, Deanio X is enshrouded by the legacies of European colonialism, it reflects the artist’s concerns with the impact of suppressed historic narratives in contemporary society.

A black figure in front of explosive colour melange - a painting by Deanio x

'Untitled', acrylic and ink on canvas 2022

Deanio X (b. 1989) graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in American Studies (History & Literature). He has since sought to create visual narratives built from research, observational drawing and imagination to stretch conceptualisations of popular history. Interested in redefining tales that surround the contemporary experience of Africans in Europe and beyond, Deanio X accepted a scholarship to the Royal Drawing School in 2018 to build on his self-developed practice and further explore the transformative potential of visual art. After graduating in 2019, he has since undertaken commissions and work from the Royal Drawing School, the Royal Museum Greenwich and London South Bank University. In 2022 he was awarded the Hanover Grange Jamaica Residency by the Royal Drawing School. In 2023, Deanio X was one of ten artists commissioned by His Majesty The King to create portraits of pioneering members of the Windrush Generation. The project, which marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush, was featured in the BBC documentary ‘Windrush: Portraits of a Generation’.

Hanover Grange generously supported the Royal Drawing School Artist Residency 2022

Deanio X | Drawing Year Alumni 2019
Report by Janet Casey, International Partnerships Manager

“The Hanover Grange residency in Jamaica was a vital experience in the development of my personal progress and process. The space to make work in an environment so abundant in natural beauty, biodiversity and light, has fostered new consideration of organic structures and silhouettes in my artwork. Furthermore, the opportunity to paint and draw whilst inhaling the live culture, from which my family largely hails, represents an attainment of a significant milestone.

During the stay at Hanover Grange, we were treated to incredibly generous support and energy from our hosts. In opportunities to explore the grounds, I was inspired by old relics that spoke to Jamaica's unshadowed colonial history. Particularly, a water wheel, used to irrigate former plantation lands; this massive metal gear in the midst of lush forest became in my artwork a symbol for the wheel of time in cosmology. Building a narrative around the observed landscapes I was able to respond to the environment and find direction for a series of work I have continued to develop since the residency.

Beyond the residency grounds, enjoyed the epic journeys in a car or bus through hills and valleys framed by relentless vines and vegetation. Going out on the boat with local Hanover fishermen, which gave me access to a new view of Jamaica from the ocean's edge and, relaxed moments, drawing dominoes players at bars and market customers on the shore, which were nice ways to reflect daily activities in Hanover. Finally in Kingston, I was pleased to see a mass of artwork, including murals in the city centre, the 2022 Jamaican Biennial exhibition at the national gallery, and students at work at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Big thank you to Theresa and Andrew Roberts, also to Andre, Audrey, Hilary, Linville and Richard for making the space so welcome and available and the Royal Drawing School for the opportunity.”

Janet Casey
International Partnerships Manager

Read the whole report here (Open PDF)

First page of a report about artist Deanio staying at Hanover Grange, Jamaica
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