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The Style Observer, 29 July 2018

Jamaica-born UK resident and promoter of all things Rock and fab Theresa Roberts has established The Hanover Grange Jamaica Residency in conjunction with Prince Charles’s Royal Drawing School.

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Visit The Royal Drawing School - Residencies Jamaica Website

Prince Charles with Theresa and Andrew Roberts - The Royal Drawing School

Sep 2014: "Phillip Thomas — an artist in residence"

Artist Phillip-Thomas with Theresa-Roberts

In his oil paintings and mixed-media works, artist Phillip Thomas combines the imagery and tradition of the old masters with contemporary textures and patterns to create a new iconography.
As a starting point for those cross-cultural conversations, Thomas looks to the model of the French academies, plucking techniques (like oil painting on stretched canvas) and imagery (such as toreadors in elaborate costumes, silhouetted portraits, elaborately staged arrangements of figures) not only as formal elements, but also relics of art history, offering a statement on colonialism and its aftermath, especially in his native Caribbean.
“You want a way to lure people into the image, and then it unfolds itself, like a very slow car crash,” he says. “I try in many ways to present the audience to themselves.”
Phillip Thomas met art enthusiast and unapologetic promoter of all things Jamaican Theresa Roberts through a mutual friend, Guy McIntosh. He was an art dealer, and Roberts had purchased a painting by him during his days as a student at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.
“Theresa Roberts is one of the most patriotic persons I've ever met. She cares deeply about the state and direction of our country and wants to see the island (Jamaica) develop. For this reason she supports all things Jamaican… we've been friends ever since.” Through the intervention of Roberts — seems not even HRH Prince Charles can say 'No' to Roberts: Thomas was afforded the opportunity of being in residence at Dumfries House in Scotland for two weeks. Read on - article online

Sarah Güsten-Marr Exhibition, LONDON:
Style Observer about Sarah Guesten-Marr Exhibition London September 2014
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ok-magazine Sep 2013: "EXPRESSIONS"
Sarah Güsten-Marr Exhibition in Cork Street:

the-voice-logo Apr 2013: "Jamaica – Land She Loves"
Art collector Theresa Roberts on her passion for showcasing the work of Jamaican artists:
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jamaica-observer ART JAMAICA IN FASHION
Exhibition of fashion inspired by art in collaboration with Sharmain Forde Couture
8 – 13 August 2012, 27 Cork Street, London

Style Observer September 2012 Page 4-5 Style Observer September 2012 Page 14 - 15 FashionCatalogueImage-sm
Images: THE STYLE OBSERVER JAMAICA, September 2012

-> download PDF Article Style Observer -> download PDF Art Jamaica Catalogue

Press Article in Epicurean Life, Page 93
The Spirit of Jamaica

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Black Circle Gallery
Press Release

October, 2011:

The Spirit of Jamaica
PDF, 4 pages

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jamaica-observer Oct 2011:

The Spirit of Jamaica

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jamaica-observer Oct 2011:

Jamaican art to open new London gallery

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