Eugene Palmer: 'Mr Palmer Senior' 135cm x 180cm, Oil on CanvasEugene Palmer: 'The Bridge' 174cm x 126cm, Oil on CanvasEugene Palmer: 'In The Garden...alone

Eugene Palmer (born 1955) is a Jamaican born British artist. His work uses archival records, photographs, and contemporary media imagery as basis for his paintings. Palmer has had a long association with art curators and exhibitors Eddie Chambers and Keith Piper (artist) and is recognised as one of the leading Black artists working in Britain. He currently lives and works in London.
Palmer was born in Kingston, Jamaica and came to England as a child with his parents in 1966. Growing up, Palmer was influenced by two different cultures and it is the memories of these and influences from them, which have shaped his artistic career. Palmer went on to study at Sutton Coldfield, Wimbledon and at Goldsmiths College in London.
Starting with colourful and bright abstract paintings of the early to mid 1980s, Palmer began exploring a variety of different areas of painting as his career progressed. Common themes in his work are explorations of cultural history and cultural identity