cooper-sculpture_2309.jpgcooper-sculpture_2309.jpgWeighing of the Heart, 2009, cedar, furniture fragments, 7 x 31 x 11 inches

Laura Facey
Often called a social interpreter, Laura Facey is an award-winning Jamaican sculptor whose art tells a personal story of inner suffering and recovery. Facey was born in Jamaica in 1954 and completed her studies at The Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, in 1975. Significant commissions and installations include: Redemption Song, a controversial monument to Emancipation placed at the ceremonial entrance to Emancipation Park, Kingston, Jamaica; Their Spirits Gone Before Them, known as ‘the slave ship canoe’, an installation of a sixteen-foot cottonwood canoe which floats on a ‘sea’ of sugar cane; Earth To Earth; and Christ Ascending, public sculptures that can be seen in Kingston. Facey lives in Jamaica with her husband and family.